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SeedFund Capital helps investors and woman-led enterprises access the upside of​ highly-regulated, nature-based markets.​

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We Fund High-Potential Founders in High-Potential markets

Accelerating markets

Cannabis, psychedelics and industrial hemp are projected to be a $56B market by 2030. But fast-changing regulations create complexity for both entrepreneurs and investors. Without access to traditional capital, founders rely on private investment to grow. ​

Savvy Operators

Within this high-potential marketplace, we see women-led companies as hidden gems. We believe women are savvy operators and business owners — often better managers, who are more conservative with cash, and with less access to capital tend to have lower valuations than their male peers.

Scalable Models

That’s why SeedFund backs high-growth companies — that have experienced teams, early revenues, a scalable business model and clear view to exit.

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Nature-based markets are booming.

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SeedFund’s investment club for women offers education, networking, and low-threshold investment opportunities.​
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Meet the team

Curious. Disciplined.

We ask the hard questions, dig deep, and leverage our connections to discover high-potential opportunities.

Lisa Evia

Managing Partner

A feminist to the core, Lisa founded SeedFund to empower women to build the wealth they deserve. Driven by endless curiosity and killer instincts, she exceled as an operational leader and head of growth/M&A for a top five global marketing company. She also led strategic planning, financial communication and marketing for a Fortune 200 company. As a founder herself, Lisa understands how insights from corporate strategy and marketing can give start-ups an advantage.
MS, Integrated Marketing – Northwestern University
Board Member, Yellowstone Forever


Managing Partner

A. J. believes deeply in the economic opportunity of nature-based markets and the growth potential of women-led companies. His CFO career has spanned multiple complex industries, from public Fortune 200 companies to start-ups. During his 30 years in finance, he has tackled many complex issues—from raising capital and strategic planning, to M&A and global expansion. A. J.’s unique combination of experience brings a keen eye to the SeedFund portfolio and a wealth of experience to advise start-ups in raising capital and strategic planning.
MBA, Finance and Accounting – DePaul University
Board Member, Alliant Power

Kaia Roman

Venture Partner

Kaia Roman has been promoting people, projects, and products working toward a better world for more than two decades. She is the co-founder of telemedicine ketamine treatment company KetaMD, the Vice President of Strategy & Communications at bioscience research company Psycheceutical, and the host of the Psyched podcast on the Women In Psychedelics Network, as well as an accomplished documentary film producer and author.

Inspired by her personal healing experiences with psychedelic medicine, Kaia is currently working with and investing in cutting-edge companies and thought leaders in the emerging psychedelic industry. Merging 20 years of brand experience work in Silicon Valley with her neuroscience and mindfulness research and training, Kaia is a passionate advocate for the profound healing capabilities of psychedelic compounds.


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